Mary Carla (sparkle_lite) wrote,
Mary Carla

February 6th!

I have the consultation with my surgeon on February 6th!

The office only sees Bariatric patients on Mondays. The receptionist said they just filled up January 9th, and then I work for the next 3 Mondays in January! Grrr.

I will need a psych evaluation to determine my mental competency and ability to understand the surgery and everything that goes with it. I need clearance from a Primary Care doctor, which I don't have. I see my Endocrinologist regularly though and they have been tracking my weight loss progress and lab work for the last year. This will probably count but I meet with the insurance specialist at my appointment and she will tell me specifically what insurance will accept. Then I will need clearance by a cardiologist, a chest x-ray, and to meet with their Dietician for 1-3 months, depending on what insurance will require.

It's going to take 4 to 6 months until I can schedule surgery. I may be "sleeved" by my birthday in July!

All I do now is watch YouTube videos made by Sleevers, and Gastric Bypass patients.

It puts our baby plans on hold for another year, but also brings me back to my promise to myself that I won't have a baby until I'm 35. I panic at the thought of being responsible for a baby. I get butterflies at the thought of a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Only one of those two is happening in 2017.

I guess "Gynecologist" is another appointment I have to make so that I can get back on birth control until my 2-4oz stomach and diet/lifestyle become balanced enough to nourish a fetus!

I really should get a Primary Care Physician. I just go to walk-in clinics when I'm sick, and I've actually only done that twice, once for strep throat and once for a UTI. I need to establish a doctor who knows me, but we're moving back to Lakeland from Lake Wales on March 1 anyway! Oh well.

So many appointments coming up!

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