Mary Carla (sparkle_lite) wrote,
Mary Carla

I will have to become vigilant in my effort for 10,000 steps a day and low carb/high protein.

Every once in a while someone mentions I look like I'm losing weight, so I will just keep it up. I told Laura, now I just have to go back to her and tell her not to say anything to anyone yet.

I've been thinking of renewing my LJ with some life and trying to join some Bariatric Surgery communities! It would give me a reason to update this and possibly some real, intelligent thoughts, questions, and people to connect with. Facebook is fucked for that. The groups on FB are too full of people asking for basic nutritional advice that leaves you wondering where the fuck they were during mandatory nutritionist appointments. They keep asking if they are done losing weight 3 weeks after surgery because their body is still recovering and they have one day with no weight loss. Freak outs because they had surgery 30 days ago and only lost 30 pounds, so maybe their surgery is a failure because some people have lost 40lbs. And then all of the "do I look old/saggy/anorexic/too young, etc?" compliment-phishing expeditions. I can barely take it.

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